A score of 5 on the Extra Government side of the Role Potential spectrum indicates a relative absence of Government Sanctioned Role Potentials. These socio-political environments are likely to resemble anarchic social groups where government bodies have little to no power to regulate the behavior of actors. The government all but certainly provides no social services and the populace is likely to turn to the non-state actors (including terrorist groups and NGOs) for such services. Government actors are unlikely to be able to secure their interests within such countries; therefore, non-state actors experience little to no competition from Government actors for influential roles. Non-state actors such as tribal groups, terrorist groups, unlawful business actors (i.e. drug traffickers, slave traders, diamonds smugglers, etc) generally dominate the socio-political realm.

-Government Sanctioned Role Potentials include participation in organized and regulated business and political systems, organized groups (religious, labor, activist), etc.
-Extra Government Role Potentials include violence, bribery, ideological persuasion, etc.